Ultimate Flexibility

From a full service option where ThreeCorner writes and manages your tests, to an autonomous solution where we simply provide access and training for Katalon Studio and our Katapult Framework, we have plenty of options for you.

Our mission is to Help you Build Your Product Faster.

Comprehensive Solutions

Do you know you need to test your application, but have no idea where to start? Let us help. We can provide the tools and expertise to effectively test your application in a timely and cost effective manor.

Autonomous Solutions

Do you have a testing team but are looking for the right tools for the job? You write the tests, we make sure the right products are available to you and provide backup.

Hybrid Solutions

Want to test your application on your own, but aren't sure where to start? Use our expertise to get you up and running, train your in house team, and get them ready to write tests on their own.

We are a diverse and global combination of talent, technical expertise and entrepreneurship that encourages innovation and drive towards excellence.

ThreeCorner is your testing partner, ensuring that you deliver bug free results. We don't just test your apps, we test how real people use them. With ThreeCorner as your partner, you can push your code with confidence.