A Turn-Key solution for Online Payroll Reporting and Payment Processing
We provide creative solutions for user friendly web applications when developing feature-rich solutions for our clients.
CompWorks is an easy-to-use, secure web application that provides one central location for your employees, insured's and agents to report payroll, process payments, view claims, document management and veiw Loss Runs on-line.
Now instead of mailing invoices and waiting days for payment, you can provide an on-line solution that allows bills to be paid instantly. With this service, payroll reporting becomes easy and takes less time. You can enter your payroll figures on-line and let the system do all of the calculations for you.
Clients can make payments via electronic check, credit card, or manual check without the hassle and cost of mailing. They can also view past payroll reports and billing information for all policy years.
CompWorks is a SAAS application built on open standards which is capable of connecting to essentially any rating engine, policy administration, and financial system through the use of a web-service or enterprise service bus (ESB).
CompWorks Benefits
  • Eliminate manual calculations
  • Remove the need to re-enter payroll figures
  • Reduce turnaround time
  • Allow remote access
  • Save time and cost on mailing and handling
  • Minimize the correspondence with clients due to calculations errors
  • Automatically update finance and policy administration systems
  • Save you and your clients time and money
  • Provide a pass-through feature that makes processing small businesses more profitable
Provide your existing staff, insured, and agents with an on-line, easy-to-use payroll reporting and payment system that can be integrated with your existing policy administration and financial systems.
If you are interested in providing your clients with an easy-to-use payroll reporting and payment system that is a great selling tool for your business, please contact us for a Demonstration.