QA Consulting

Knowledge and Experience are Key

Three Corner Software has developed the skills and knowledge base for our experts to help companies establish a QA process. As consultants, we review your current practices and determine any deficiencies and present possible solutions.

When old processes become outdated, quality suffers due to bottlenecks, or adoption of new methodologies become an issue, you may need our QA consulting experience.

Our QA experts will provide you with insights into industry best practices, recommend tools for testing, and provide a preliminary assessment of all the work you have already done.

4-Phase Solution

  • Investigation

    Interview stakeholders, review current practices, uncover deficiencies

  • Planning

    Create a plan that details a possible solution

  • Execute

    Implement new solution

  • Monitor

    Track the process and flow-up on any issues that may arise

Outcome of QA Consulting

  • Improved testing strategy

  • Effective collaboration between QA, development and business units

  • Infrastructure Setup - tracking system and test environment

  • Improved work efficiency

  • Measurable IT processes