We Are Developers First

You need a developer to build a good test. A data-driven, keyword driven, fully automated test that can accept a dynamic data model and be re-used again and again as you update your code.

The Qualities that we Bring

Broad Expertise

Broad Expertise

Instead of a single contact with limited expertise, you have access to a team's knowledge & experience.

Quality Checks

Quality & Efficiency

With quality-control checks, re-usable test suites, project oversights and a culture of excellence, your project is in good hands.

Full Support

Full Support

With a primary developer and project manager assigned to your project, we take pride in learning and improving your application.

Katalon Studio Enterprise

Best Tools

We understand how apps work and use the best tools to test the most complex portions of your code.

What to expect with ThreeCorner’s Testing Framework

Have you made a change to your code to accommodate a change in requirements? Maybe you have added a new function or user? In any of these situations, it's a good idea to verify that the latest changes aren't negatively impacting your application. With our Katapult framework, testing old functionality can be done on a schedule or as needed, and new tests can be integrated seamlessly.

ThreeCorner brings real experience of app development into testing. We understand how apps work, and can write code to test the most complex portions of your code.