Functional Testing

Is your application ready to deliver flawless system functionality?

As expectations and demand continue to grow, the release of a new product without thorough testing can bring more risks now than ever before.

End-to-end functional testing ensures that your software behaves as it was intended, in compliance with all functional and business requirements.

We are ready to provide both manual and automated testing services. Depending on your project requirements, we will propose a solution to automating functional testing efforts in your project.

Functional Testing Services We Offer

  • Smoke Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
Software Testing Services We Provide

  • Managed Services

    We provide all testing activities

  • Team augmentation

    We work with your existing testing team to strengthen or to help speed up the testing process

  • Setup your testing team

    We help you setup and bring on-board an independent testing team

Our Approach to Functional Testing

  • Requirements and Analysis

    We work closely with developers and stakeholders to identify project requirements and draft the test strategy.

  • Test Plan and Design

    We will draft a detailed test plan that will be reviewed by stakeholders. Once the test plan is approved, the testing team will begin the process of creating the test cases.

  • Test Plan and Design

    Based on the test plan, we begin testing the product using the test data and test environment. All defects found are reported using your preferred tracking system.

  • Test Reporting

    A report is generated which includes what test were executed, test results, and defects found.

  • Defect Validation

    When the defects are fixed, the testing team will re-run the test to make sure all defects have been corrected.