Evaluating Test Automation Tools

One of the first steps in software test automation is to evaluate test automation tools. Many organizations key considerations in evaluating test automation tools is cost. Many people believe that cost is one of the most important criteria in evaluating test automation tools. Not us. We believe that one of the most critical criteria is the ability to recognize objects. Evaluating and selecting the testing automation tool that is best for you depends on the software that is under test. Let’s talk more about evaluating test automation tools for Object Recognition for testing web applications. You’ll need to evaluate which browsers are supported by each tool one by one. We normally check the top 3 popular browsers – Firefox, IE (Edge), and Chrome. Each uses a different rendering engine – Gecko, Trident, and Webkit. Because of this, automation tools need separate methods while working with them. For the full evaluation, we are more specific and expand into more details that are more contextual and targeted toward the software under test.

Additionally, tools often support some versions and not others. We know that Silktest supports recording with IE, but it doesn’t support recording with Firefox at all; and for another tool – Selenium 2.x(Webdriver), it only supports up to Firefox 46 using selenium-server-standalone-2.xx.x.jar. For Firefox 47 or above, you must use Selenium 3.x with geckodriver.

Another thing you must consider during the evaluation is what is the language or technologies your company is using to develop your application. For example, Flex and Silverlight are very popular for rich web applications. If your company is using one of them, you must be very careful when evaluating their specific capabilities to recognize some Silverlight controls directly.

This means that TestComplete doesn’t support all versions of Silverlight. This same situation may happen with other automation tools as well. Of course, with some extra work like installing a higher version of Silverlight and deploying files from the server side, you can conquer this obstacle. But as a reminder, it’s important to pay attention to all types of UI elements during object recognition.

Of course, evaluating and choosing a tool is just one of many steps in a software test automation project. Developing a maintainable software test automation framework that is suitable with the architecture of the software is another of several critical steps.

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